Sportcentrum Lišov u Českých Budějovic


Sport centre Mrkáček Lišov offer:


Our restaurant Sport can offer to you not only styling czech cuisine, but also various exellent specials. It´s possible to organize here private party, firm action, wedding reception, training, … and all that jazz. A capacity of the restaurant is 60 seats. Also you can employ sitting on our outdoor sun deck, with kapacity 40 seats, beyond winter months. Every Friday you can give a song in the restaurant during our periodic karaoke party. And all week you can watch live transmission from sport world on our large-screen display.

Tennis hall

Yearlong possibility use of indoor tenis hall, from 6.00am to 24.00pm. Surface of tennis-court in the hall is typical and proffesional – classic clea. You can buy here sportswear, trainers, tennis rackets, tennis-balls and a lot of various accessories. Also we can only lend you all of this. An addition we can lend you a machine for innings. Plash the tennis rackets also belongs to our services.


A beautifull moments you can spend in an environs of our 2 modern bowling way, including a posibility of snack.

Solárium – Massages

Come to us to beautify your body in our turbo-solarium… and then let our masseuse to pamper your stiff mussles along a proffesional massage. … You can come anytime, both is available promptly.

Beach volleyball

Come and play beach volleyball on a soft beach sand. In a conventional time will be a whole beach court only yours. During a game you can freeze by the help of an outdoor shower, which is right in the court. Of course, a services of our restaurant is available for you there too.

Fitness centre

Do some gymnastic exercises on more than 10 proffesional machines… We can offer to you sprinter belt, Twister, skew bench, PeckDeck, Multipress and all that jazz.

Sauna and swimming-bath Whirlpool

Both is situated in an area of hotel and it´s for 8 persons at most. It´s possible to order it privately. Of course, a drinks are serving in a premise of sauna and Whirpool too.

Outdoor tennis courts

Beach football-tennis


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